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Civil War Alexandria—an Armed Camp

By Kris Gilbertson While Alexandria was a bustling medical center during the Civil War, with more than 30 large and small Union hospitals, the city also was heavily fortified to repel an attack on Washington. When the firing on Fort Sumter started the war in spring 1861, Fort Washington, 12 miles down the Potomac River […]

SPORTS TALK by Pat Malone

Our National Game The Aces and Big Train Clubs. A Grand Contest. Alexandrians Gather. Immense Crowd Present. Great Game Played in Earnest. Lovers and admirers of the great game of base ball, witnessed a match of tests between the nines of the Aces of Alexandria and the Big Train of Bethesda, in a large empty […]


Mercy Street – Alexandria’s “Civil” War By Marcus Fisk This month marks the airing of the Civil War PBS docudrama, “Mercy Street.” War is always a perfect setting for drama and since this series has soldiers, sailors, doctors, nurses, and politicians involved, and is set in Alexandria, I’m sure the sparks will fly, the intrigue […]

Medical Practices of the Civil War

by Jesse Lawson RN, BSN, LMT During the time of the Civil War, doctors in the battle field were referred to a “surgeons”. They carried a small wooden case approximately the size of a modern board game box. The wooden box contained simple hand tools, known as instruments, used primarily for amputations and removal of […]

The Killing Fields of the Civil War

by H. M. Brett Why were so many soldiers, both from the North and South, killed or maimed in the Civil War? The combination of several factors of medicine, weaponry, and tactics led to one of the highest numbers of American soldiers killed during any war. Medicine and medical technology had made some advances with […]

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