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Technological Change and Your Paycheck

When I was 27, I worked for the Sprint Corporation selling land based long-distance phone and data services. Sitting in my cube one day, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I pushed with my legs hard and drove my wheeled chair into the cube next to me, my buddy Jeremy. A bit […]

A Red Sox Fan’s Financial Lament

by Stephen D. Memery Summer is officially over. I know this because the World Series ended with my Red Sox as world champions for the third time in a decade. When I was young, I would sit and imagine living in a perfect world where the Red Sox were perennial victors and the Yankees their […]

No Need for your Money to Go on Vacation, just because You Are

On the Money August 2013 by Stephen Memery an old adage on Wall Street which says, “Sell in May and go away.” This is more than just a line about getting a jump on the beach traffic. The idea is that returns for the traditionally volatile May to October period historically underperform the November to […]

Is Your Broker Going Crazy?

by Stephen Memery A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that, “in the months and perhaps years following the 2008 financial crisis” as many as “93% of advisers and planners surveyed wrestled with post-traumatic stress disorder.” According to the study published in the Journal of Financial Therapy another 40% of planners reported severe […]

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