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It’s Presidents’ Day for a Good Reason by Marcus J Fisk Washington (the original George “W”) was the first President to have ‘saved the country’ and ‘preserved the union.’  According to historians, his presidency served as a precedent for others: Jackson (preserved the union), Lincoln (Ditto/Civil War), FDR (the Great Depression & WWII), Kennedy (nuclear […]


Mercy Street – Alexandria’s “Civil” War By Marcus Fisk This month marks the airing of the Civil War PBS docudrama, “Mercy Street.” War is always a perfect setting for drama and since this series has soldiers, sailors, doctors, nurses, and politicians involved, and is set in Alexandria, I’m sure the sparks will fly, the intrigue […]

ON WATCH: Bad Moon Rising

  By Marcus Fisk October 13th marks the 240th anniversary of the U.S. Navy.  Throughout its long history the Navy has maintained a tradition that exists today.  The tradition dates from the days of sail; it is the tradition of identifying that individual on watch who is in charge of giving commands to the helmsman […]

ON WATCH: United Nations?

By Marcus Fisk In past columns, I have written about a smorgasbord of ideas, history, issues, and fun-facts-to-know-and-tell.  Usually, I have tried to do it with a broad brush of satire or at least a dash of humor to take the edge off of what would normally be the heavy load on our shoulders. WARNING: […]

On Watch: Happy Trails with Roy and Dale

By Marcus Fisk Nearly everyone has had encounters with notable persons, celebrities, or those of greatness or fame. Over the years I have been fortunate to meet and talk with President Carter, President (then Major) Zia-al-haq of Pakistan who ate dinner at our home, chat with former Cleveland Indian pitcher Bob Feller, with Elizabeth Taylor […]

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