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Publisher’s Notes October 2015

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, even if you don’t, you’re bound to enjoy the historical backdrop and the lore of Old Town’s legends as we zoom into the time of turning leaves, crisper days, pumpkin-flavored everything, hay bales, gourds and spooky goblins. And then, there is the local election.  Zebra likes to keep it […]

Publisher’s Notes: September 2015

Summer is over, and with that comes a new season of our favorite tv shows, kids getting dressed up for their first days back at school, and an eye for the coming of crisper days, turning leaves, and cherished holidays. In this issue, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of an Alexandria couple maneuvering their livelihood […]

Publisher’s Notes February 2015

The other day I had a quick eye-awakening moment when I realized my age. At CVS, I noticed a sale on Diet Coke (four 12 packs/$10.00) and for me, a self-confessed “Diet Coke-aholic” who averages 7 12-packs a week, this was lottery-like, but as I turned the corner to the beverage aisle, it was clear […]

October 2013 Publisher’s Note

The other day, I caught myself telling a friend that 2013 has been a hard year. I usually keep personal feelings to myself. But my canine companion of 12 years, Lucy, died in July. I’ve lost long-time friends to cancer, in months and weeks of their diagnosis. I left my favorite car at a junkyard […]

August 2013 Publisher’s Note

This entry is the last thing I do before each issue prints, and I am starting to wonder if anyone actually reads these little notes and thoughts I pop into this spot.  But just for kicks, and for those of you purists who read publications page by page, here we go. This month I am […]

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