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by Matt Fontaine Hip Function & Low Back Pain In Runners When it comes to running injuries, many think of foot, ankle or heel pain, shin splints, runner’s knee or ITB syndrome.  But poor hip mobility and function can lead to LOW BACK PAIN in runners and also cause runners to lose power and efficiency in […]

Why Proper Warm Up Matters

By Dr. Matt Fontaine Most of us lead hectic schedules day to day.  We often rush into workouts in the interest of saving time.  Triathletes are often quick to push off warm ups, especially on their runs.  They can ease in and warm up on a bike and most swim workouts have a good built […]


By Dr. Matt Fontaine Muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, tunnel vision, sudden fainting, elevated heart rate, headache, skin pale, cool and clammy or dry and hot.  The most severe sign of heat stroke is altered mental status. Heat illnesses comes in many forms—ranging  from minor heat cramps and heat syncope, to the more serious heat exhaustion […]

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