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The Covert Letter: Judge Daniel Fairfax O’Flaherty.

[Editor’s Note: Judge O’Flaherty passed away peacefully, at home, age 89 on March 26, 2015. This is a tribute piece originally published in 2011 in The Covert Letter.] By Harry M. Covert One of my favorite Alexandria judges is retired General District Court Judge Daniel Fairfax O’Flaherty. Even though he’s been retired a long time, […]

The Covert Letter: What’s in a Name? Here’s the ‘Skinny’

By Harry M. Covert It is time to put to rest – to bed — all of the hullabaloo, gibberish and nonsense about the Redskins name in the National Football League and any place else for that matter. All the people who run around acting like they are offended is pure and unadulterated hogwash, first […]

The Covert Affair: Courtroom Fun but No Games

Wit and Wisdom from Old Notes, Paper Scraps By Harry M. Covert When the weather gets bad it’s a good thing to find an old box full of scribbles on napkins, paper scraps and old note pads. Recent days have proved invaluable. Some interesting stuff fell out. Over time a lot of notes have been […]

An Afternoon with Martin 50 Years Ago

By Harry M. Covert It’s a warm June afternoon in 1962. At about four o’clock, I was in the vestibule of the Hampton Institute Chapel. A light breeze flowed through the windows that were raised about 12 inches. Martin, as he was called by his colleagues that day, was waiting to speak to the Annual […]

Has Baseball Forgotten Its Past?

The Covert Letter August 2013 By Harry M. Covert The crisis infecting professional baseball with performance enhancing drugs really and truly affects all sports fans and citizens in general. It shows how the chase for money, accolades and success continues to permeate the current state of affairs even more than politics. As a baseball fan from long […]

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