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Host Families Wanted for Exchange Students

STS Foundation is looking for host families in Virginia who are willing to open their hearts and homes to a high school exchange student for the next school year! STS Foundation is a respected international high school student exchange program that has been operating since 1986. Placement season is upon us and we don’t want you to miss the wonderful opportunity to host a student in your gorgeous county!

Why host? Forever touch the life of a young person while teaching them all about American life. Simultaneously learn about their culture, language, food, customs, and holidays from the comfort of your own home! Our students have English skills and our competitive acceptance process ensures that our students are mature, academically driven, and the best-prepared students to study abroad. We also work with you to choose the best student match for you and your family.

A Host Family provides a bed, meals, and transportation while the student covers all other costs, including full medical insurance. Our staff is also here for the duration of the year or semester to assist host families with anything they need 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our students are anxious to share their culture with you and to experience a true American family- not just what they can see in movies!   If you are interested, please visit You can also email Nora Nicholl-Lewandowski at [email protected] to have all your questions answered!

Here are just some of the students available now and awaiting a host family:

France, Elizabeth,  a 16 yr old girl from south Paris, loves cooking, is a competitive synchronized swimmer, enjoys photography and drawing, has played the piano for 8 years, and enjoys languages, biology and math.

China, Hengzhi, a 16 yr old boy of Sichuan background, has a good sense of humor, is the “life of the party,” loves basketball, tennis, hiking, jogging, aerobics, baseball, camping, cooking, is talented in Chinese calligraphy, and wants to be a mechanical engineer one day.

Israel, Samaa, a 17 yr old girl, loves tennis, soccer, basketball, camping, guitar, karate, robotics, and studying Old English literature. She has been class president for 2 years, holds a Young Guide First Aid Certificate, and enjoys gardening and her Christian faith. She hopes her love of journalism will let her be an anchorwoman someday.

China, Biyue, a 17 year old girl, loves playing the flute, Chinese paper-cutting art, traditional cooking and is a certified tea specialist. She is involved in ballet, yoga, hiking, camping, and especially loves plants and herbology.

Thailand, Matayat, a 15 yr old girl, loves to cook Thai food and do handcrafts, is a member of the Red Cross doing service with the aged, orphans and the deaf, enjoys synchronized dance, and is an active Catholic.

Italy, Federica, a 17 yr old girl, loves art and going to exhibitions, learning languages, reading, swimming, walking in nature, dance, volleyball, tennis, badminton, skiing and cooking.

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