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Pamela Collins-Fisk To Be Published

Alexandria resident Pamela Collins-Fisk, wife of Zebra columnist Marcus Fisk, will have her first novel, The Innkeeper’s Diary, published this fall. Based on Collins-Fisk’s real life, it’s the story of a single mother struggling to save an inn that she opened on a whim after being besieged by a string of life’s worst tragedies. Many people who have watched Collins-Fisk’s life unfold remark, “You can’t make this stuff up.” Her raw determination becomes an education on living: If you learn to release whatever you have and simply be thankful for all that remains, the beauty of life finds you. Collins-Fisk’s strong narrative is immediately engaging, drawing you into her soul. The book is destined to become a must-read upon publication, cementing Collins-Fisk’s prominence in the literary community.

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