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October 2013 Z-Hot Sauce of the Month

By Mike Sade

Recently, I picked up some El Diablo Hot & Spicy Mustard at the local Giant. This mustard is awesome for its flavor and heat. Manufactured by Mizkan Americas, it is made from distilled vinegar, water, number 1 grade mustard seed, brown sugar, habanero chili puree and spices. This mustard was the bronze medal winner in the 2013 World Wide Mustard Competition Exotic Category. The El Diablo heat is incredible – a three on my heat sauce scale – tabasco being a one.

Why not close out the grilling season and celebrate by adding some El Diablo to your chicken marinade or barbecue sauce. It offers a wonderful taste and bite, and will take a regular chili dog to a tongue-tingling intensity dog. Try some on a hot pretzel, or add it to a dip for veggies and chips to give some zing. Take a regular ham on rye to a heated and spicy “hot” ham on rye. This mustard is great on any sandwich or dish in which you would use mustard. I also add this mustard to baked beans. Better yet, spice up your coleslaw by adding a teaspoon of El Diablo to your regular recipe.

If you like a little heat with great mustard flavor, you will not regret trying this incredible hot sauce. Also available at mizkan.com.

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