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Holiday 2013 Z-Hot Sauce of the Month

By Mike Sade

I recently came across this great barbecue sauce from Wild Thymes Farm. Their “Smokin’ Hot Mamacita” has a wonderful blend of Mexico meets Texas with great versatility. Smokin’ Hot Mamacita is 100 percent natural, fat free, cholesterol free and kosher. It’s made with sugar, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans and salt), liquid brown sugar (sugar, invert sugar and molasses), spices, dried onion, dried garlic, yellow mustard (vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric and spices), dried chipotle chili peppers and lemon juice concentrate. (It does contain soy and wheat.) I would rate the heat in this sauce a two on my heat sauce scale with tabasco being a one, which is why this sauce is so versatile. It’s the perfect mid-range heat.

Wild Thymes Farm, located in Greenville, New York, in the Northwest corner of the Hudson Valley, is owned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Enid and Ann Stettner. Visit wildthymes.com to find this and other delicious sauces. As a testament of how good their products are, the Stettners were awarded the 2011 Sofi Silver NASFT Outstanding Product Line Finalist at the summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC.

Enjoy Smokin’ Hot Mamacita on meats, poultry, shrimp and tofu or even as a pizza sauce. It’s also a fabulous option for braising meats such as brisket or short ribs. I threw a couple of pork chops into a crockpot on low with this sauce, and let it cook for about eight hours. It’s now my favorite pulled pork. So have a hoedown barbecue with your favorite meat and this sauce, then really do some dancing!

Wild Thymes Farm’s Smokin’ Hot Mamacita BBQ Sauce is available exclusively at Maggie Jane’s, 114 South Royal Street, in Old Town Alexandria.

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