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Alexandria Named a Best Downtown in America

Alexandria makes a top 10 list of the “Best Downtowns in America” from
It ranks Alexandria No. 6 on its list. says it considered a number of factors in compiling its list, including increasing housing values and populations, new construction, vibrant arts scenes and walkable streets.
According to The Washington Post, the site found much to praise in Alexandria, from a booming restaurant scene, to the free trolley from the Metro to the waterfront, to a positive outlook for household incomes. It deemed Old Town “as hip as it is historic.”’s 2015 Top 10 Best Downtowns:
1. Pittsburgh
2. Minneapolis
3. Indianapolis
4. Greenville, South Carolina
5. Salt Lake City
6. Alexandria
7. Fargo, North Dakota
8. Lincoln, Nebraska
9. Somerville, Massachusetts
10. Evanston, Illinois

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