Dogs at Work



My dog Max started my company. I made handmade soaps one year for his doggie birthday party, as party favors. Guests liked them so much I decided to make it a business. Max inspired his own soap and we have many other products for people. He spends most of his days watching me work from one of his many favorite spots in our home studio. He’s also a source of motivation in the depressing winter months to get up and get out for our morning walks. His 14th birthday party is in two weeks. Instead of gifts, we always ask guests to bring used sheets and towels so Max can deliver them to the Alexandria Animal Shelter, where I adopted him when he was three. He is my Superstar!

Submitted by Mellenie Runion, Truly-Life

If you take your dog to work, send us ([email protected]) a picture and a little story/caption and we’ll try to get it in as soon as possible. We’ll also send you a gift certificate from one of our participating restaurants or retailers. Mellenie wins a $25 gift certificate to Greenstreet Gardens!

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