Nina Tisara Tile Mosaics on Exhibit: Intricacies

“Intricacies” is the title given to the new exhibition of her mosaic work by Artist-Photographer Nina Tisara. The exhibition that opens at Convergence on March 24 includes three new works—Dragon Slayer, Two Cranes and Palomino Prancer—as well as other mosaics created since Tisara started working in the medium in 2006.

“Intricate” can be used to describe the process by which the mosaics are made. In the words of critic Trudy Van Dyke, “Each small tile is shaped perfectly to convey the ‘painterly’ intent of the piece. The color palette seems endless as she arranges pieces to flow into shapes and shades.” Tisara uses the double reverse process taught by her former teacher and mentor Gene Sterud, a retired archaeologist and master of the process. Tisara says she likes the process because it enables her to change shapes and colors as she goes. “If I don’t think something is quite right, I take up the tiles, and redo them. Sometimes I do that several times until it feels right to me. It’s like working in clay rather than stone.” Tisara majored in sculpture at the High School of Music and Art in New York City. Although she hasn’t counted all the time it takes to complete a piece, Tisara estimates over 50 hours of intense work on a 15×15 artwork.

Tisara is best known for her photography and most recently, Living Legends of Alexandria, a photo-documentary project she founded to identify, honor and chronicle Alexandria’s recent history makers. Tisara Photography located on King Street near the Metro is now run by her son Artist-Photographer Steven Halperson. Living Legends is directed by its Board with help from Potomac Management Resources.

The exhibition will run through May 31 at Convergence, 1801 N. Quaker Lane. Convergence is a community of people who value creativity, spirituality, diversity and exploration.

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