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8th Annual Meet the Legends Reception

Over 200 people gathered for the 8th Annual Meet the Legends reception on March 19 at the Patent & Trademark Office Madison Building. Guests included the 2015 Living Legends of Alexandria: Kathleen Baker, Kate Campbell Stevenson representing Marga Fripp who was out of the country, Alice P. Morgan, Fred Parker, Joyce Rawlings, Gayle Reuter and Nina Tisara. Though city council had a budget workshop scheduled that evening, Mayor Bill Euille was able to stop by to congratulate the Legends as were Councilwoman Del Pepper and Councilman John Chapman.
Also in the audience were staff, teachers, students and parents from Commonwealth Academy (C/A). By way of background, last April, Living Legends founder Nina Tisara saw a quilt produced by students at C/A for the Holocaust Memorial program at Market Square. She was so impressed with the student’s work that she contacted the school to ask about possibilities for collaboration. The outcome was the production of digital portraits, ceramic clocks with working mechanisms, unique silkscreen designs–all gifts for the Legends–and an outstanding Tribute video . The video which received a standing ovation illustrates the value of the Living Legends Project. It not only weaves together and chronicles the stories of the Legends but it inspires people…like the young people who made the video. Living Legends continues to explore ways to be a resource to the community and especially its young people.

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