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Old Town Business May Soon Be On Prime Time

Striker Pierce CEO Brian O’Shea, Alexandria Chamber VP Shari Bolouri and Russell O’Shea during recent filming in Old Town. Photo provided by Striker Pierce.Striker Pierce Investigations, with its main headquarters in Old Town Alexandria, has recently been approached by a Hollywood production team in order to explore the possibilities of a prime time, non-fiction series about their work, team, and history. The show will be filmed mainly in Alexandria, though will also follow the Striker Pierce team on some of their international assignments.

The crew used local residents during the filming, with King Street and the Striker Pierce offices as a backdrop. The content and production team are currently remaining anonymous due to the competitive nature of the entertainment field as they wish to be first to the market with the concept. However, the Team, who spent the weekend of April 26-27 at the Striker Pierce offices with a film crew, stated, “they are very excited about the prospects that Striker Pierce offers in terms of important and entertaining programming for a variety of viewers.”

“This is not reality television,” one of the Striker Pierce team said, “nor will we ever breach the confidentiality of our clients or the subjects of any investigations or projects. This is more about how we do our work, the team dynamics, and the impact this work has had on those in the community and involved with the cases.”

Brian O’Shea, founder and CEO of Striker Pierce, has recently been grabbing headlines across the United States, Canada and Europe for a variety of projects, seminars, and training in for everyone from large corporations, law firms, and even human rights’ activist groups. Through his international presence as well as some recent consulting he provided to a major Hollywood director and producer, is what brought him the attention of numerous production companies.

Additionally, the entertainment community has become fascinated with the concept of a local, seemingly innocuous investigations firm, with a humble office on the corner of Alfred and King Streets, actively connected with some of the largest cases in U.S. history as well as having interactions with world-renowned names such as Gary Kasparov, Pussy Riot, Yang Jianli, and Fleming Rose.

Incorporating a family dynamic, it does not hurt that, Brian’s right hand man and second in command is his brother, Russell O’Shea, who leads his research team and his “solutions” projects around the world.

In addition to television, O’Shea already has several offers on a book proposal as well as a potential documentary on a new foundation. O’Shea refused to reveal the content of the show or the potential book (citing non-disclosure agreements that have been put in place) but did state the following about the projects, the company, and his team, “We are that firm that you call when you have a problem that no one else can solve. Whether it’s a lost loved one, a crazy ex-employee harassing your family, a company stealing your secrets, or even someone needing protection in Nairobi, we have the network, the skill, experience and talent to provide a solution. The point of the show is to let the public become more aware of how to solve difficult problems while allowing them to realize that there are others out there with similar problems…and a firm that can fix them.”

Striker Pierce CEO Brian O’Shea, Alexandria Chamber VP Shari Bolouri and Russell O’Shea during recent filming in Old Town. Photo provided by Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.

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