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Remembering the Civil War-Last Lecture of the War and Rememberance Series

Caroline Janney, Purdue University

 Thursday June 18 — 7:30 PM

     The Lyceum-201 S. Washington Street

Professor Janney will discuss her most recent book, Remembering the Civil War, winner of  the Charles S. Sydnor and Jefferson Davis awards. In it, she will talk about the tenuous  process of reuniting and reconciling the nation after the Civil War. How did the Civil War  generation understand the war? What were veterans really thinking in all those famous  photographs of men shaking hands across the rock wall at Gettysburg? What about women?  And United States Colored Troops? What had the war meant to them? How did its meaning  change in the 20th century?

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online. For more information, please call 703.746.4994.


Author Caroline Janney. Courtesy photo,

Caroline E. Janney is Professor of History at Purdue University. A native of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, she worked as an archivist and historian at Shenandoah National Park before earning her Ph.D. in 2005 from the University of Virginia. Her first book, Burying the Dead but Not the Past: Ladies’ Memorial Associations and the Lost Cause(2008) explores the role of white southern women as the creators and purveyors of Confederate tradition in the immediate post-Civil War South. Her second book, Remembering the Civil War: Reunion and the Limits of Reconciliation is a volume in the Littlefield History of the Civil War Era and examines how the Civil War has been remembered between 1865 and the 1930s. This book has been awarded the Jefferson Davis Award (by the American Civil War Museum) and the Charles Sydnor award (by the Southern Historical Association). She serves as a co-editor of the University of North Carolina Press’s Civil War America Series and is the president of the Society of Civil War Historians.

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