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What Bugs Me: September 2015

by Debby Critchley

What Bugs Me September 2015Ok bicyclists, it’s your turn. Have you ever read the laws governing bike riding in Alexandria? Anywhere? You need to be riding WITH traffic, not against it. You cannot ride on the sidewalk. You need to signal your turns. Pedestrians do have the right of way, not you. You MUST stop (and stay stopped) for all traffic signals – regardless of the lack of cross traffic. And when you do stop, put a foot on the ground – don’t ‘dance’ around on your bike. A biker making a left turn ‘danced’ into my lane forcing me to run my car up over the curb. It caused several hundred dollars damage to my car just so I wouldn’t hit and kill her. She cursed at me! And please, use some common sense; don’t try to compete with a 2000+ lb. car! You won’t win. Does something bug you? Tell me about it at [email protected].

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One Comment

  1. You know what bugs me? Debby Critchley.

    Not only are your facts wrong (cyclists are allowed to ride on the sidewalks in parts of the city) but your “accident” story is B.S. I seem to recall someone calling you out on it on the BeverleyHills listerv … you couldn’t prove it happened.

    Zebra Editors, please fact check Debby’s columns moving forward.

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