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Alexandrian Chris Armstrong’s Re-Tweet on Times Square Billboard

Community News--Coke Times SquareFor the first time in Diet Coke’s 33-year history, the brand is celebrating fans in an unprecedented way, including Chris Armstrong of Alexandria. Armstrong is being championed by the brand with his own Diet Coke billboard in the center of Times Square in New York City.

Armstrong’s surprise is part of Diet Coke’s “ReTweets of Love” campaign, a Twitter-led program putting a playful spin on the brand standard of retweeting fan comments. This fall, to truly celebrate fans like Armstrong who share their love for Diet Coke on social media, the brand is surprising dozens of fans with public and unexpected displays of affection– from custom jewelry to a feature in Times Square, one of the most iconic and public places in the world.

Chris Armstrong’s tweet, “All you need is love and Diet Coke” was transformed by acclaimed artist Marta Cerda and is currently live in Times Square for millions of people to see. This Times Square surprise is the very first execution as part of the Diet Coke campaign.

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