Animal Heroes

Animal Heroes

Hi my name is Milo, but everyone I meet calls me “Miracle Milo.”  In June, I was in an accident, and I lost my sight, hearing, and sense of smell. The doctors gave me 50% chance to live, and my parents were afraid of what the quality of my life would be if I did survive.

However, then, the miracles began.  My family kept everything in the house in the same place, and I learned how to walk around without bumping into things in a couple of days.  We learned how to communicate with touch, which worked wonderfully.  And I had the best doctors in Alexandria at VCA Old Town – Dr. Lewis, Dr. Barker, Dr. Stapleton, and Dr. Chamberlain – who literally took care of me from my head to my toes.  Everyone I met remarked their surprise at how active and happy I was.

Then I started to get many my senses back.  I am now a lively sniffer, my hearing has improved, and I can see shadows, all of which helps me be more active and confident.  I go to a great doggie daycare and make new friends to play with each day.

Every day is a new adventure, and the miracles keep coming!


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  1. Oh, Milo I just want to hug you. I never knew that a dog could regain hearing and sense of smell and sight.

    Such a handsome boy. I’m glad for your owners too. You must have helped the doctors with your recovery. You would do ANYTHING they asked, I bet.. love those docs at VCA OLD TOWN.

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