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Z-Hot Pick of the Month

By Mike Sade

Z Hot Pick of the Month--October 2015--Raspberry Chipotle Sauce 2Fall is officially here. The leaves are starting to turn and there is still time to grill outside.  I discovered a wonderful Hot Pepper Raspberry and Chipotle Sauce from Robert Rothschild Farm.  This sauce provides a great blend of sweet and spicy with raspberries blended with smoky, spicy chipotle peppers.

This sauce goes great with any type of meat or can be used as a dipping sauce.  Try using it as a baste for ribs, pork chops, wings or steak.  Their website www.robertrothschild.com has several suggestions for use of this sauce including pouring over meatballs for a quick appetizer, served over a bed of cream cheese or over warm Brie with crackers.

Ingredients include raspberries, sugar, Lemon Juice, chipotle peppers, and chili peppers. The sauce is all-natural, kosher and gluten free.

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