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Alexandria Real Estate: Your PET just may sell your home in 2016!

By Cheryl Spangler

If you have ever taken the time to walk down King Street in Old Town Alexandria, you would know that Alexandria, VA takes their “Pet Friendly” city very seriously.  A majority of the businesses have dog bowls with treats and water out for our pets as we shop, dine and enjoy the company of our friends and family.  Why then is Alexandria not in the top list of America’s most dog-friendly cities?  Primarily because those that promote or market to consumers are just not yelling loud enough to the right people.  Why is this important to have Alexandria listed as one of the most pet friendly cities in America?  Because if you haven’t noticed the pet industry in the U.S. and many other counties is booming.  According to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), in 2016 pet owners in the U.S. are expected to spend $60+ billion in pet related products and services up from $47 billion in 2010, 62% of every household has a pet of some kind.  The pet industry is nearly recession proof with pets in 1 out of 3 homes in the U.S.

American’s own more pets than ever before and pet pampering is becoming a norm including daycare, dog training, boarding services, pet supplies, dog/pet food, grooming and waste removal. The bottom line: people increasingly view their pets as part of the family and are willing to spend even during difficult economic times. For this reason sites such as www.bringfido.com have popped up everywhere allowing you to find and plan your next vacation but only if your pet can come along with you.

What this means for Alexandria homeowners is that living in a pet friendly city and having a pet friendly home and using a pet friendly Realtor may just sell your home faster than those homes around you.  To know exactly how to promote and market this aspect of your home, city and neighborhood you would need to discuss your home with the right real estate professional and find out the absolute prime locations to market your home to bring you immediate results, offers and interest.  This does not mean you need to have an animal to market to those who do, the key here is extreme niche marketing to those who want to live, work and play (with their little furry friend) in an environment that promotes, encourages and accepts animals as part of the family.

We are not the first real estate professionals who work with military relocation, buyers from outside the country and those coming from other areas that travel with their animals and the first thing they are concerned with is “How will my pet enjoy the new home and city as much as I will?”  This is not a fad! for this reason REALTOR® Sarah Syverson, a Real Estate Agent for FORBZ Real Estate Group, specializes in Pet Friendly Real Estate as well as Active Senior Communities in Alexandria, VA.   Sarah Syverson knows exactly where to tell incoming buyers to stay regarding hotels, where to go to find the nearest dog parks, who to call to have their animal watched, walked, babysat or where to take them to get a special treat.  For example, the Westin in Alexandria welcomes 2 dogs under 40lbs per room for no additional fee, while the Sheraton Suites in Old Town welcomes 2 dogs under 80lbs per room for no fee.  There are at least 5 large dog parks where off leash play time is offered and a huge list of dog friendly restaurants including: Bastille, La Refuge, Chadwicks, Joe Theismann’s, Misha’s and too many others to mention. You can even do some dog treat baking with “K9 Cakery” or “Dogma Bakery” right here in Old Town. Finding a dog sitter or dog walker not difficult as there are many to choose from including such services as: www.doggiewalker.com, www.rover.com, www.dogvacay.com, Petsmart Hotel in Old Town & Fairlakes, www.thewagpack.com, www.alexandriapetcare.com.  These sites are just the beginning of what Alexandria has to offer for existing pet owners as well as buyers coming into the area looking for the “Ultimate and Complete List of Animal Friendly Services”

If you want to be included in the complete list of animal and pet related services, businesses, communities, hotels and more in Alexandria, VA send a quick email to: [email protected].  There will be three (3) press releases going out about Alexandria, VA over the next 60 days to all news sources worldwide and this complete and thorough list will be included in the PR, media and marketing to bring more awareness to those around the world thinking of moving to Alexandria, VA.

If you would like to find out how to specifically list and market your home to the pet friendly communities, cities and businesses around the world and in our local area, go to www.SellMyPetFriendlyHome.info.  After visiting this site and filling out your information, you will also receive a list of the top 10 things every homeowner must do to attract the pet-friendly buyers who are in abundance and looking in Alexandria, VA.

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