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Paper Business Cards Going Away

Advertising and print business card industries hit by disruptive technology. The new vCard technology makes print business cards obsolete.

vCard’s latest smart phone app the digital business card is replacing the print business card through disruptive technology. The vCard offers users the ability to text a digital business card that can include video, audio, text, graphics, links, QR codes, coupons and more. In the very near future a special short code is being added. This will make a person’s vCard distribution to large groups quick and easy.

The company is currently in 22 countries and is continuing with worldwide expansion.

According to American Express mobile is taking over the computer, advertising and print business card industries with 76% of all online purchases done through mobile in December 2016.

Josh Ryan a marketing consultant said this about the new vCard, “I got the vCard and went to a trade show to test it. During the show I was able to collect the personal cell number of CEOs and Presidents of companies that I wanted to market to. Now they had my vCard with my video on their phone. Fantastic! This is the hottest new marketing tool I have seen in decades.”

Other business owners like J. Michael Palka Strategic Marketing Business Coach for small businesses and J.Michael’s partner Shirley Walker Nutritional Counselor to Doctors have jumped on board and are making huge inroads.

There are three versions of the digital business vCard.

There is the FREE vCard which does not include video, there is the Pro version and there is the Affiliate version where entrepreneurs get three digital vCards with video function for various businesses.

The vCard is totally customizable in a back office with easy to use drag and drop editor. To learn more and to receive a FREE, Pro or Affiliate vCard just CLICK HERE.

Additional functionality is being added as this release is being distributed.

The affiliate version offers entrepreneurs three vCards. Each one can be designed uniquely for a different business at a cost of $129.00 per year.

To watch a video presentation on vCard Click HERE.

The vCard digital business card offers incredible fund raising potential for charitable organizations and churches.

For media inquiries contact J.Michael Palka at 619-977-5022 or [email protected]


Founder Alan Lowe has brought together an impressive team. The who’s who of Marketing Professionals, Information Technology Executives, Internet and Software Programmers and Support Personnel is on board. Steven Remondini was one of the original 11 programmers for Novell and later to Cisco is now leading the team of eight full-time programmers at vCard.

By having a vCard, your information is one simple click away. No need to open up other browsers for emails, websites, social media, or advertisements. Changing vCard information requires only one click. The company’s employees are so excited to be first to market a digital online business card with an opportunity to change and impact people’s lives. vCard Global is dedicated to helping to erase Hunger in the United States and will set aside a percentage of the company’s profits for a charity fund. vCard is a green product that can make an impact on the environment and supports saving the forests with its affiliates.


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