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Spring into the Spring Market

By Elizabeth Lucchesi 

How to Sell Your Home During the Hottest Real Estate Sales Season 

Spring cleaning is not on my list of favorite things to do.  Although, I feel fabulous once I’ve gutted my closets of last season’s staples, emptied the junk drawer and collected a coffee cup worth of spare change from miscellaneous nooks and crannies.

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Despite your groans about meticulously purging your home of the no longer needed, you’ll have to get it done if you’re planning to place your home on the market during the hottest real estate sales season of the year. 

Here’s a short list of basic measures you can take to prep your home for the spring market.

Consult Your Realtor®.

A licensed, professional Realtor® will assess your property and provide feedback as to exactly what needs to happen to ensure your home is ready for potential buyers.  Your realtor should have an arsenal of reliable contractors, including painters, plumbers, cleaning services electricians and more, to serve your needs.

Sure, you can make these repairs yourself, but the reality is many sellers have a laundry list of items they’ve been putting off.  One of the most strategic moves you can make is to hire professionals.  They’ll get the job done quickly and assist you in making your home ready for inquiries and inspection.  A primary concern of buyers is how much work they’ll need to put into a home.  Give them no doubt that your home is up to par.

Know When You Want to Go Active.

Back into the date you want to go on the market and map out a schedule for the work advised by your Realtor®.  Poor planning will stress you out and could result in a missed opportunity.  Repairs and maintenance will need to be completed at least a week before photos and possibly video is taken of your property.

Begin Packing & Clear Away Clutter.

How many open houses have you been to where there are toys and unfolded laundry lying around?  None, I bet.  That’s because sellers have prepared their homes months ahead of time.  Clean your home as if your mother-in-law is coming to visit.

Remember, a successful home sale is based on presentation and price.  A home will likely never look as good as it does for an open house.  Never.  It is the crescendo of a fabulous song.  So, make your song fabulous.  Prepare now to present your house immaculately and hire a Realtor® who knows how to price it right.  

Elizabeth Lucchesi heads up the LizLuke team at the Old Town Long and Foster Christie’s, and you can follow her blog at Alexandria365: City News & Real Estate for more helpful tips as we approach the Spring equinox.

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