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T.C. Williams Student Wins Entrepreneuer of the Year

A student at T.C. Williams High School has been named Washington D.C. Regional Youth Entrepreneur of the Year for the education app he developed.

Senior Day’Quon Germel Henderson created the app called Worducation with several classmates in his STEM class at T.C. Williams.

At the end of the school year, he presented the app to the School Board and was given permission to use it with fellow students on the campus at T.C. Williams. Day’Quon then went on to develop a business plan for the app during his entrepreneur class. The goal was to see the Worducation app develop to the level where it was generating revenue.

Day’Quon won first place in the class Business Plan Presentation. He then went on to compete in the Washington D.C. Regional Business Plan Competition. As a top finalist, he was awarded $750 and the privilege to compete at the National Competition. In October, Day’Quon represented the Washington region at a National Business Plan competition in New York City.

It was due to these successes that he was named Washington D.C. Regional Youth Entrepreneur of the Year by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). He was presented with the award in New York last weekend.

Day’Quon is a dedicated student who has taken a project created in his STEM program and transformed it into an actual working business in his Entrepreneurship class. We are proud of his achievements as they reflect the learning that is taking place every day at T.C. Williams,” said Mary Ellen McCormick, Entrepreneur NFTE CET Instructor.

Day’Quon is one of a group of students who helped bring scientist Dr. Jane Goodall to T.C. Williams last year. This year, he is enrolled in the Advanced Entrepreneurship class and serves as a role model for young entrepreneurs at the high school.

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