Stress Relief for Dogs: Wholetones™ “Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs” Album Sits at Number 1 on Billboard’s “New Age” Albums Chart

Wholetones’ “Chroma” album appears at number 8 on new age albums chart

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Aug. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Dog owners who want to calm a stressed dog can listen to Wholetones ™ “Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs” CD, which topped the Billboard charts for New Age albums last week.

Billboard also recognized “Wholetones: Chroma,” another album from Wholetones, which is distributed by Barton Publishing, a widely recognized publisher of natural health solutions.

Billboard listed Wholetones’ CDs on their charts as follows:

  • Wholetones: “Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs” appears at #1 on the “New Age Albums” chart.
  • Wholetones: “Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs” appears at #17 on the “Heatseeker Albums” chart.
  • Wholetones: “Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs” appears at #30 on the “Independent Albums” chart.
  • Wholetones: “Chroma” appears at #8 on the “New Age Albums” chart.

“Dog owners can enjoy Peace & Quiet when their dogs listen to Wholetones’ ‘Calming and Soothing Music for Dogs,'” said Marty M. Fahncke, Chief Marketing Officer of Barton Publishing. “The music helps stop unwanted barking, whimpering, whining, and chewing.”

The music can help minimize separation anxiety so you can come home to your pet feeling peaceful and content.

“Summer is filled with many potential anxiety producing events such as fireworks or thunder. However, the CD will calm and relax your dog or puppy,” he said. “The CD can also help dogs who recovering from surgeries or who are stressed out by mailmen or other outside noises.”

Wholetones’ “Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs” comes with a full 365-day money-back guarantee.  We stand behind it with a full refund if your dog doesn’t stop unwanted barking, whimpering, whining, and chewing.

For a limited time, the healing music for dogs CD, which normally costs $19.95 is available for free. Customers pay only $4.95 for shipping.  For information, go to Barton Publishing.

As part of this promotion, customers also will receive a free eBook: “The Sound of Healing,” a $19.97 value. Written by Michael S. Tyrrell, the creator of Wholetones, this eBook is a perfect companion to accompany the music, as it demystifies the science behind the frequencies and explains how to get the most out of your listening experience.

How the Calming Process Works

This 22:22 minutes of wonderful music are tuned to a frequency (396Hz) that has been proven through thousands of testimonials to calm your dog. It works for humans, too.

Praise for Wholetones

Over the years, we’ve received floods of testimonials from our happy customers about the incredible effect Wholetones™ has on their pets.

“I got this for my rescued dog who is petrified of thunder, fireworks, and even rain. He sits as close to the music as he can get. He eventually calms down by the second time but he is an extreme case. Even drugs don’t work for him. I love this CD. I recommend it to all dog owners, or just listen to it for yourself,” said Sharon-Elizabeth Fransen.

“I am a professional pet sitter. I often have to deal with stressed pets over a variety of issues. I use it with my own pets and recommend it to my clients,” said Judy Reeves.

“Absolutely works on my dogs! We call it the ‘magic music!'” said Lesa Stai.

About Michael S. Tyrrell

Michael S. Tyrrell is the founder and president of Wholetones, Inc. and the creator of the global best-selling Wholetones music, which includes “The Healing Frequency Music Project,” “Wholetones: Chroma, Life, Love & Lullabies,” and “Wholetones: Calming & Soothing Music for Dogs.”

After 30 years in the music industry as an author, speaker, musician, composer, inventor and producer, Michael uses his past experiences to inspire and connect with people through music.

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  1. I purchased the Calming & Soothing Music for dogs because I own/operate a cageless dog boarding facility. I have worked very hard in making my facility a stress free environment, but on occasion a dog will have anxiety when its human leaves no matter how much love and attention they receive. I pop in the CD, put it on repeat and the anxiety levels drops. The music so is calming. The Good Dog Inn tested and approved.

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