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Foodie Newz by Debby Critchley

August 18-27 is Alexandria Restaurant Week. You can find the complete listing of restaurants in the center of this issue or at I usually round up the usual cast of characters to eat our way through the Restaurant Week. The great feature of this week is you can spend a small amount of money for lunch or dinner at any one of some 60 restaurants in Alexandria. I have several ‘rules’ that I used to select my choices. First rule is to pick a restaurant that I might not go to on a regular basis. That means high-end or unusual cuisine. High-end restaurants are great bargains during this time – look at Restaurant Eve, 110 S. Pitt or Brabo, 1600 King St. You get to experience all of the best of these special restaurants at a price you can afford. I also pick restaurants I’ve never gone to before but heard good things about. When you are only spending $35 for a meal – most are posted online. I do not pick restaurants that ‘cheap out’ by serving lower-end non-menu items. No names but you won’t see me there. Restaurant Week is an opportunity for restaurants to introduce their product to new customers. Take advantage of this week to wow future customers. And by all means, go to your favorite places. They will appreciate that you chose them. Where am I going? Where do we go? We’ve had wonderful meals at Restaurant Eve, Del Ray Café, 205 E. Howell, and Vermillion, 1120 King St. We are going to at least one of the Alexandria Restaurant Partners places.

The food at all of them are very high quality and they have some wonderful offerings. Still deciding between Virtue Feed & Grain, 106 S. Union or Majestic, 911 King St.

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