Cat in a Box

Cat in a Box August 2017


“This is Monster! He was rescued from a shelter in Akron, OH, but is all about Alexandria, VA. His two favorite days are when an Amazon box arrives, or when we play board games. There is no box too big or small for Monster!”

That is what Monster’s owners, Melinda Carnahan & Bryn Varhol told us when they emailed his pictures.

The truth is the truth. Cats love exploring boxes. The next time your cat finds his or her way into a cardboard predicament, snap a photo and send it to us. If we publish it, you will win a $25 gift card to an area retailer or restaurant. Be sure to include your cat’s name, your name, and your home address in case you win (so we can mail you your prize). Please send to [email protected].

Melinda Carnahan & Bryn Varhol just picked up a $25 gift card from Pork Barrel BBQ, Holy Cow Del Ray or The Sushi Place—their choice!

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