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Swim Skills Program Expands to Four Elementary Schools

Polk swim pilot

 The highly successful swim skills program that launched as a pilot at Polk Elementary School last spring is being expanded to three more elementary schools this school year.

Polk's swim pilotStudents from John Adams Elementary School, Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 School, James K. Polk Elementary School and Samuel Tucker Elementary School will participate in a swim safety program as part of their physical education curriculum.

The program was developed in cooperation with community group Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics and the City of Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. Students in grade four at Polk, John Adams and Jefferson-Houston, along with students in grades three through five at Tucker, will learn basic water safety skills through a variety of activities over the course of one to three weeks. The program enables students of varying backgrounds and abilities to feel more comfortable and confident in the water.

We are really excited to be able to include more schools and students in this program. It’s a really fun way to engage students in movement, while also teaching water safety skills. Through programs like this and Bicycling in the Schools, not only are students engaging in activities that encourage health and wellness, but they are learning safety skills that they will use for life,” said Michael Humphreys, ACPS Instructional Specialist for Health, Physical Education and Family Life Education.

Polk swim pilot

The swim skills sessions will be offered to Tucker students in late-October, John Adams in November/December, Polk in February/March and Jefferson-Houston in June. Prior to the start of the program, students will view a presentation to familiarize them with the pool facilities and what they will learn.

Students at Tucker, John Adams and Polk will take buses to Chinquapin during their respective weeks, where each day they will work on swim skills and related activities. Jefferson-Houston students will walk next door to the Old Town pool during their session next spring.



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