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City of Alexandria Provides Resources to Help Stop Domestic Violence

The City of Alexandria is reminding the community about the importance of stopping domestic violence and highlighting available resources. Just weeks after the annual Silent Witness Candlelight Vigil and Memorial, a local high school student became the third Alexandrian to lose her life to domestic-related violence in two months.

Domestic violence is an instance or pattern of abusive or coercive behaviors that may include threats, harassment, controlling resources, verbal and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical assault, or other actions. These behaviors are exhibited by one individual to exert power or control over another in the context of a family, or in dating relationships, (including those of teen couples and adult couples who do not live together).

One in four women in the U.S. experiences violence by a partner at some point in her life. To check whether you or someone you know might be a victim, take a quick online assessment to learn more.

Those who worry that a friend or acquaintance may be experiencing dating abuse—a form of domestic violence that occurs between dating partners of any age—can look for signs that include excessive jealousy between partners, attempts to isolate a partner from friends, explosive temper, and refusal to let one partner end the relationship.

Other behavioral signs in victims include spending less time around family and friends, declining performance at work or school, decreased participation in activities, unusual use of clothing to hide bruising or marks, excuses or apologies for a partner’s behavior, and avoidance of questions about the relationship.

Those concerned about the safety of another can become active bystanders and help guide the victim to confidential support and assistance.

The City of Alexandria Domestic Violence Program operates a 24/7 hotline at 703.746.4911. Among the services offered are a Safe House shelter; counseling; confidential support groups; and legal help, including court accompaniment and assistance with protective orders. There are also opportunities to join and support the numerous city agencies working together in the prevention and treatment of domestic violence.

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