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Acting City Archaeologist Begins Term as President of the Council of Virginia Archaeologists

ALEXANDRIA,VA–Eleanor Breen, Acting City Archaeologist, has assumed leadership of the Council of Virginia Archaeologists (COVA).

COVA is Virginia’s professional archaeology organization, founded in 1975 and dedicated to the preservation and study of Virginia’s archaeological resources. The organization’s mission is to foster public awareness, knowledge, and support for the preservation of Virginia Archaeology, advance knowledge through dissemination of information on Virginia’s archaeological resources, facilitate interaction between communities of professional and avocational archaeologists in Virginia, and act as an independent professional advisory group for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR).

Before becoming President, Eleanor served the organization in various roles as Vice President, Secretary, and Co-Chair of the Collections Management Committee. COVA actively publishes on archaeological sites, gives awards to those outside the profession for excellence in archaeological and historic preservation, and develops educational outreach programs, among many other accomplishments. COVA often partners with the VDHR and the Archeological Society of Virginia.

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