Who Wants a Summer Internship in France?

Apply for the Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee (ACSCC) Summer Internship In Caen, France this July

The Church of Saint-Pierre in Caen, dates back to the 14th century and was partly destroyed during WW2. (Courtesy photo)

The Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee is accepting applications for this summer’s internship in Caen, France. Each summer, Sister Cities Alexandria and Caen exchange student interns. The students work in the respective City Halls of each other’s city for four weeks.

The interns have the opportunity to represent their city while working and living in the other city and strengthening the friendship between the two cities.  Caen is a city in Normandy, approximately two hours from Paris.  For more information about Caen, visit www.tourisme.caen.fr. The Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee is also looking for a local family to host the student intern from Caen for four weeks in July. For more information, please email alexandriacaensistercities@gmail.com.

DEADLINE: Applications and a current resume should be submitted online by March 30, 2018. Please feel free to email any questions to the general Alexandria-Caen Sister Cities Committee email address at alexandriacaensistercities@gmail.com.

ONLINE APPLICATION FORM:  fill it out online.