Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Told City Council No Meals Tax Increase Over a Month Ago

On March 14, 2018, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce sent a letter (actual letter below) to the Mayor, City Manager, and City Council that they should STOP considering a 1% increase to the City of Alexandria Meals Tax, which would raise the tax from 4% to 5%.  This additional Meals Tax money would be dedicated to the expansion of affordable housing in Alexandria.

A Meals Tax is levied on food and beverage purchased in restaurants.

The City of Alexandria meals tax is in ADDITION to the sales tax levied by the state of Virginia, which is currently 6%.  This means that when you go out to eat in Alexandria you are currently paying 10% in tax on your food and beverage total.

According to a Chamber of Commerce blast email to its members, the Chamber consistently has supported the need for affordable housing in the City through its Legislative Agenda. However,  they do not feel that a dedicated fund is the proper method to achieve the desired results. Rather, they urge Council to find a way to incorporate affordable housing into the City’s long-term planning and overall budget.