CHINQUAPIN WAHOOS DOMINATE– LaSida Breaks CSL League Backstroke Record

Six-year old Michaela Zuninga, a member of Alexandria’s Chinquapin Wahoos, summer swim team throws up a victory wave. (Courtesy photo)

The  Chinquapin Wahoos hosted and defeated the Countryside Waves – Boys 154-68; Girls 160-62 – for a combined score of 314-130-for their second consecutive win (2-0). All times are yards.

6&Unders:         Logan Phillips, Tyler Turner and Jay Fox swept the free and the backstroke.  Michaela Zuniga and Niamh Brady were 1-2 in the free and the backstroke events.

8&Unders:         Eamonn Greiner improved 2 seconds and  was 1st in the free (19.57); Alex Guevara  improved by over one second (21.84) was 1st in back with Eamonn taking 3rd (26.59); Alex (24.87), Eamonn (26.65), and Amir Smith (28.15) all improved and swept the breaststroke event; and Alex took 1st  in the 25 fly (23.02) with Amir (35.45) taking 3rd. The girls were dominant in sweeping the free (Madison Schang 17.89; Elle Robb 18.54; Linda Jimenez 18.58), the back – Elle (22.80) took 1st, Linda (24.45) 2nd and Tess Clarke (27.03) in 3rd place; and the breast Madison (23,06), Linxa (24.18), and Chloe 27.74). In the butterfly,  Madison (20.78) was 2nd and Elle (22.16) 3rd..

In the relays, the team of Logan, Amir, Alex and Eamonn (1:37.96) and the girls team Elle, Linda, Madison and Chloe (1:27.94) both finished 1st in the 100 yard medley relay event.

9-10 Age Group:             Jack Scheifele (34.56) and Dylan Lim (37.52) took 1-2 in the free;  Jack (41.25),  Dylan Lim (44.56) and Merrill Plotkin (46.62) swept the back; Yahia Omar (49.74) and Merrill (53.88)  took 1-2 the breast;  and Jack (17.25) and Dylan (19.46) were 1-3 the butterfly. Newcomer Kate Merrill (36.09) and Camila Zuniga (38.27) took 1st and 2nd in the free and  back -Kate (45.50) and Camila (46.46); Halle Thomas (50.18) was 1st in the breast; and Camilla (19.53) took 1st in the fly. The boys team Dylan, Yahia, Jack and Avery Altenburg (1:17.21) won the100-yard medley relay as did the girls team of Ella Weber, Halle, Camila and Maggie McCommons (1:24.60).

11-12 Age Group:           Juan Bello (34.64) and Seamus Greiner (35.37) were 2-3 in the free; Bodie Lauinger (35.88), Juan (43.78),Henry Mead (45.42) went 1-2-3 to dominate the backstroke; Bodie (39.03) and Seamus (45.12) were 1-2 in the breaststroke; and Bodie (39.05) and Juan (44.21) took 1st and 2nd in the fly. Bodie, Henry Mead, Juan Bello, and Seamus (2:38.03) easily won the 200 Medley Relay. For the girls,  Eve McLaury (30.46), Catherine Salomons (30.96), and Abby Altenburg (31.78) swept the free;  Eve (35.97), Abby (36.15)), Catherine Salomons (36.16) swept the back separated by only .19 seconds; Sally Cox (41.62)  and Lucy Thomas (44.16) were 2-3 in the breast; and Eve (32.40)  was 1st in a very close race with Catherine (34.72) taking 3rd in the fly. The girls team of Catherine, Sally, Abby and Cate Cox (2:25.21) captured 1st in the 200-m Medley Relay.

13-14 Age Group:           CONGRATS TO EMIL on breaking his own league record!    Diego Flores-Acosta (28.54), and Jack McLaury (29.37) were 2-3 the free; Emil LaSida broke his own Colonial Swim League record in the 50-yard backstroke with a time of 26.03 with  Jack (33.91) touching 3rd; Emil (33.46) won breast; and Emil (26.64), Jack McLaury (32.32), and Diego (33.42), swept the 50-m butterfly. Jack, Emil, Diego, and Mikal Helms won the relay with a time of 2:10.52.  For the girls, Maya Solis (28.28) was 1st and  Stephanie Rosario (31.90) were 1st and 3rd in the free; Maya (31.20) took 1st in the back; Stephanie (39.68) took 2nd in the breast; and Maya (31.06)  took 1st  in the fly. Haley Haukedahl, Stephanie Rosario, Maya Solis, and Isabella Babor (2:18.30) combined to with  the 200-m Medley Relay.

15-18 Year Olds:              For the boys Ian Do took 1st in a close backstroke race; Jacob Rosario was was 3rd (35.89)in the breast; and Ian Do (28.32) took2nd in another close butterfly race. Alex McElwee, Jacob, Ian, and Maderro Helms took 2nd in the relay with a time of 2:22.58. For the girls, Bella Obioha (31.60) and Julia Guessford (34.18) were 2-3 in the free; Nicole Rosario (35.12) took 2nd in the back Nicole(39.29); Bella Obioa (39.31) took 1-2 in the closest race of the meet; and Nicole (31.86) won the fly. Athena,

The Wahoos won both Mixed Age Free Relays. The boys team of Yahia Omar, Bodie Lauinger, Emil LaSida, and Ian Do had a time of 1:55.93 and the girls team of Camila Suniga, Catherine Salomons, Maya Solis, and Nicole Rosario finished with a time of 2:11.57.


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