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Alexandria Florist Invents Free Online Puzzle Game

Players Attracted to Challenges and Zero Advertising

Paul Brockway loves adventure and correctly figured others do too.

By Mary Wadland

If you have lived in Alexandria for any time at all, you know the name Conklyn’s, one of Alexandria’s flagship florists, established in 1938, and you probably also know the main man at the head of that blooming business, Paul Brockway.

But you probably don’t know Paul loves clever games and that he has invented a free, web-based scavenger hunt game called SillyPuzzles, which is gaining traction everyday.

SillyPuzzles can be played on a player’s phone or tablet web browser. Puzzles are designed to take players to points of interest – historical sites, street art, museums, parks, brew pubs, etc. where, at strategic points, clues are provided and a puzzle question is exposed.

The on-line scavenger hunt, SillyPuzzles, has now created more than 250 puzzles to be solved in five states and the District of Columbia. Originally designed as a game to be played in Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC, SillyPuzzles has now branched out as far as Florida and Texas with new puzzles being designed daily.

To play the free game, players create an account and login to see nearby puzzles listed in order by distance from their phone. When they get near the designated puzzle location, a clue or question appears. Some are easy and require only that the player observe the point of interest and answer a question. Others require the use of logic to solve a math problem or a riddle.

SillyPuzzles is free to play. There are no ads to view and players will not be subjected to any advertising unless they choose a puzzle that takes them to a retail merchant location that is indicated in the puzzle description. Premium Memberships may be available in the future.

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