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T.C. Williams Celebrates Largest Graduation Cohort in Recent History and Huge Increase in Number of College-Bound Students

T.C. Williams High School celebrated the graduation of 793 students, in a year in which the Class of 2018 will be remembered not only for the largest cohort of graduating students in T.C. Williams’ recent history, but also for the largest number of students in a single class heading to college.

The Class of 2018 saw a substantial increase in the number of students reporting a commitment to post-secondary education with 561 planning to attend college ― a 58 percent increase on last year.

“This year, our counseling team set a goal to increase the number of students committing to attending college. It was an incredible effort by all involved and has had a tremendous impact on our students and their academic pursuits. Hundreds more students are heading to college this fall as a result,” said Peter Balas, Principal of T.C. Williams.

A total of 34 students are pursuing careers in the military, while 17 will engage in apprenticeship or industry programs and another 57 plan to head directly into the workforce post graduation.

Principal Peter Balas told the Class of 2018 that it had defined itself by its dignified and respectful reaction to events of the past year. He said that this class was unique in making its views heard, no matter what side of the political spectrum they were on and that being a part of history is about seizing opportunity and running with it.

“Instead of standing back, you stood up and made your voices heard, whatever side of the argument you were on – and the fact you did it with respect, respect for others and their views with dignity and class – was the moment when you defined yourselves as a class. It didn’t matter what your views were politically, socially, or personally, you conducted yourselves with honor and respect, and that is what makes you a Titan,” Balas said.

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