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Citizens Corner September 2018

Annie Ebbers, the new president of the Del Ray Citizens Association.

Meet Annie Ebbers, the new president of the Del Ray Citizens Association.

Annie, 32, lives in Del Ray with her husband, Adam.

She is an environmental and planning coordinator at the Bureau of Land Management, doing environmental planning on a policy level. Luckily, we had the chance to interview her!

What made you become involved with the DRCA?

“Last year, Don Beyer had spoken at a meeting and afterward I was so filled with civic pride and wanted to do more for my community. What Don Beyer said was very inspirational and positive.

And there was an opening for vice president and I thought, ‘I can do that!'”

How would you describe your leadership style?

“I think my leadership style is inclusive. I’m really interested in empowering people to do what they are passionate about doing. I’m a big fan of delegation and letting people take things and run with them.”

Do you any specific goals for your term as president?

“I’m not sure I’ve decided on anything except that I would like to grow membership. Having more members means we have more money and we can sponsor more events and give more money away to local non-profits.

Having more members also allows us to really have more influence in the community and with the city to say what we want our neighborhood to look like and feel like.

I would really like for the DRCA to use the money we have set aside for parks, beautification, and public art for capital improvement, especially in some of our smaller parks.

The DRCA Executive Board has talked about some sort of beautification or public art honoring the first responders on the scene of the shooting at Simpson Field. I love that idea and very much hope we can get that accomplished in my term.”

What are the neighborhood’s strengths?

“We have a very serious sense of community; there’s a Del Ray vibe I really like.

We have a lot of amenities in a really small space. It is a community that values diversity and values inclusion.”

What are its liabilities?

“It would be great to have more racial diversity and age diversity in the association. I think part of that means reaching out to renters and not necessarily just to homeowners.

People think it is a homeowners association, which it is not! We’re here for everybody who lives in Del Ray.

I am concerned about how expensive housing is here. It’s gone up a lot in a very short period of time and it’s concerning.”

What are the challenges facing the community?

“Diversity definitely. And affordable housing; you can’t have a working class and young people without it.”

If you had a message for our elected city officials, what is it?

“I am easy to talk to. I listen but I am going to fight for our community. I’m not scary but I am going to stand up for our community and Del Ray and what’s right for us.”

Why join the DRCA?

“Your very small membership donation goes toward community events and helping the community. Going to our meetings gives you an opportunity to talk to your neighbors.

We are the voice for the neighborhood. Joining the association gives you representation at the city level.”

The next meeting of the DRCA is Wednesday, September 12 in the basement of Del Ray United Methodist Church, 100 E. Windsor Ave.

Dues are only $25 per household, $20 for seniors (62 and older). And paying is simple using PayPal or a credit card via this link:

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