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Self-driving cars mean freedom for travelers with disabilities

National Federation of the Blind’s Shawn Callaway to speak October 11 at noon in the Madison Auditorium

Learn about the independence self-driving cars will give to travelers with disabilities Thursday, Oct. 11, at noon in the Madison Auditorium. Shawn Callaway, the National Federation of the Blind’s Washington, D.C., chapter president, will discuss how technological advances will change the lives of those who are unable to drive due to disability or age and have no access to public transportation.

USPTO ResponsAbility, the USPTO’s advocacy and comradery group for people with disabilities and their friends, is hosting the event to honor National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Snacks will be available, and ResponsAbility members will offer information to supervisors on how to fill job vacancies using Schedule A without using the time-consuming federal hiring process.

Join online by captioned WebEx at http://s/SelfDriving. Follow “USPTO ResponsAbility“ on Facebook today to watch the event live on Facebook. Facebook live videos are not captioned, so for captioning, use the WebEx.

For more information about these event, or to join ResponsAbility, email [email protected]. Membership is free, and the group meets on the third Thursday of every month.

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