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T.C. Williams Choir Invited to Perform at National Competition “Music for All”

Choirmaster Theodore Thorpe III has successfully led the T.C. Williams Choir to many prestigious awards. Courtesy photo

The award-winning T.C. Williams High School Choir is one of only seven choirs across the country that has been selected to perform at the renowned 2019 Music for All National Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. Music for All’s mission is to create, provide, and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all.

T.C. Williams Choir already has a stellar track record when it comes to competing. Under the direction of Theodore Thorpe III, the choir has consistently received “superior” grades in their competition performances. Beyond choir competitions, the talented and passionate director, Mr. Thorpe is all about enabling students to lead, teaching responsibility, teamwork, discipline, and providing a sense of belonging through the shared experience of singing together. Mr. Thorpe sees performing at the 28th annual Music for All National Festival as a prestigious honor and achievement for the high school and his students. He added that the choir sees this upcoming festival performance as a necessary precursor to the choir’s goal of competing in the World Choir Games in Belgium in 2020.

As the only public high school in the City of Alexandria, T.C. Williams is a critical part of the community – serving students from 127 countries who speak 115 languages. It has a world-wide reputation thanks to the film, “Remember the Titans,” and recognitions like this serve to enhance the high school’s reputation. Winning 11 national awards, it has become one of the strongest music programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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