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Join Mattie Miracle and Donate Your Leftover Halloween Candy to Caregivers in Local Hospitals

Mattie Miracle 8th Annual Candy Drive

Mattie Miracle 8th Annual Candy Drive

MUST RECEIVE CANDY BY: Saturday, November 10, 2018

Each year Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation and its volunteers collect unused, individually wrapped and commercially made candy after Halloween.  They are grateful to the 22 schools and 25 businesses who donate candy and generously support the annual drive, and you can help too.

Mattie Miracle collects candy and donates it to six hospitals and 11 non-profit organizations that assist children with cancer and others in need.  Specifically at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (Washington, DC) and Children’s Hospital at Sinai (Baltimore, MD).

The candy helps to stock a free snack/item cart that is offered to families caring for children in the hospital. Candy is highly sought after and considered almost a necessity to help families manage during the long hours of caregiving.

CANDY DROP OFF LOCATION:  Please contact [email protected]

Drop off dates and times:

  • Saturday, November 3 (10am to 4pm)
  • Monday, November 5 (10am to 4pm)
  • Tuesday, November 6 (10am to 4pm)
  • Wednesday, November 7 (10am to 4pm)
  • Saturday, November 10 (10am to 4pm)

Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to join in the fun this year.

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