Todd Healy Releases Old Town Calendar for 35th Year in a Row

Digital calendars have made reaching for a Bic pen to scrawl a lunch date into a little square on a paper calendar hanging on the kitchen wall somewhat of an archaic practice, but Todd Healy’s calendar is tradition, and it is a collection of the artist’s well-known and identifiable work. It glorifies Alexandria history. And it is art. And it’s still worth hanging on a wall, as the thousands of customers who reserve them in advance, will attest.

Over 150 hours might go into a Todd Healy original drawing of one of Alexandria’s well-known Old Town buildings, or residences. He has made a career out of preserving in print the pock-marked bricks and tilted roofs and slanted windows of homes and landmarks that stood when George Washington was walking around town.

Each year for 39 years he has assembled 12 of his newest creations into a calendar and each year it is a celebrated event when the masterpiece is released. That time is here once more. On November 8th, the Todd Healy Old Town Calendar will be available again this year in his shop, Gallery Lafayette at 130 South Royal Street, for $25.95.

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