Alexandria Family Featured on ABC’s “Great Christmas Light Fight” Monday, Nov 26

Jan Vaughn says when she met her husband he did not even have a Christmas tree. She encouraged him to put a few lights out and “it just kinda bloomed from there, and I’ve created a Christmas monster.”

For locals, the couple’s home at 1601 Collingwood Road has always been a holiday highlight—the place you take your out of town relatives to see, or pile in the kids to drive by “the lights,” but this year, even more gawkers are expected because traffic on Collingwood Road is about to get a lot heavier.

The family is featured in the first hour of the first episode of the sixth season of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight” showing at 8 pm, Monday, November 26.

For the fine arts major who made a career in construction, it’s not a stretch to believe Bill Vaughn makes every one of his lighted and animated decorations by hand. “All of this I made, and all of the lights have been put on by me,” said Vaughn in the ABC trailer for the upcoming episode.

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Putting Alexandria on the Christmas decorating Map!

Posted by Collingwood Lights on Thursday, November 15, 2018