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Alexandria Pedestrians Now Get a Head Start at Green Lights

ALEXANDRIA, VA — In order to increase traffic safety, City of Alexandria staff recently installed 17 new Leading Pedestrian Intervals in high crash intersections as part of the implementation of the City’s Vision Zero Initiative to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries by 2028.

A Leading Pedestrian Interval is signal timing change that starts the walk signal a few seconds before the green light to give people waiting to cross the street a head start in front of turning vehicles so that drivers can better see people walking and avoid a serious crash. Localities across the country and around the world (including Alexandria) have been implementing this solution for decades. Staff has implemented this in the following locations:

  • Route 1 and Gibbon
  • Route 1 and Wilkes
  • King and Washington
  • King and Henry
  • King and Patrick
  • Wilkes and Washington
  • Duke and Henry (both crossings)
  • Gibbon and Washington
  • Slaters and Washington
  • Cambridge and Duke (both crossings)
  • N. Quaker and Duke
  • Cameron Station and Duke
  • Whiting and Edsall
  • Slaters and Route 1
  • Duke and Holland

For more information on Vision Zero, please visit For any questions, please contact Christine Mayeur, Complete Streets Coordinator, at [email protected].

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