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Aviation Buffs: Presentation on Bell’s X-2 Rocket Plane of the 1940s/1950s

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Presentation on Bell’s X-2 Rocket Plane of the 1940s/1950s

Frank K. ‘Pete’ Everest made history when he flew a Bell X-2 to record speed of Mach 3. (Courtesy photo)

Rusty Lowry, Flight Test Engineer, retired Technical Director of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, co-owner of Massey Aerodrome and Grassroots Aviation Museum on Maryland’s Eastern Shore ( is giving a talk on the development of the Bell X-2 rocket plane and pilot Iven Kincheloe’s historic flight above 100,000 feet. This presentation was originally given at the Society of Experimental Test Pilot’s annual symposium by Rusty, and his daughter Liz, and is from the second chapter of their book “Into the Black Sky, a History of North American Flights Above 100,000 Feet” which is a work in progress.

The Bell X-2 drops away from its Boeing B-50 mothership. Lt. Col. Frank “Pete” Everest piloted 674 on its first unpowered flight on 5 August 1954. (Photo: NASA)

February 10, Sunday

4:30 pm

Union Street Public House (2nd Floor), 121 South Union Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

No Charge. No RSVP necessary.

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