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ParkMobile Parking Program is a Big Hit, Expansion Recommended

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ParkMobile Parking Program is a Big Hit

ALEXANDRIA, VA – In November 2016, City Council approved a pilot program that allows residents on eligible blocks to request residential pay by phone signage. This signage requires vehicles without an applicable district sticker to pay a parking fee to park on the block, while exempting residents and guests that display a valid district permit.

Meters are not installed on these blocks. Rather, people who choose to pay to park must use the City’s pay by phone app, ParkMobile, or purchase a receipt from a meter on an adjacent block. Similar to other restrictions in the residential permit parking district program, these requests must be initiated by interested residents of a block through a petition. This program is approved through March 1, 2019. The pilot program is currently being evaluated to determine whether it should be continued at the end of this term.

Based on the results of the evaluation, staff is recommending making the program permanent and expanding the program area so that residents on blocks throughout the city near metered areas are eligible to petition for Residential Pay by Phone parking.

More details about the Residential Pay by Phone Program and the pilot program evaluation are available on the project website at The recommendations will go to City Council on Saturday, February 23.

For additional information or questions please contact Megan Oleynik at [email protected].

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