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Somebody Hit Pat Miller’s Truck, And Then This Happened…

"I said, 'Boy, I don’t remember parking that way. That looks a little funny,'" Miller recalled.

It was a busy Tuesday evening before the snow fell in Del Ray, and Alexandria Living Legend Pat Miller walked out of a meeting at Los Tios Grill to find her 2005 Toyota Takoma slightly askew. It was strange, she thought, because she hates to parallel park, and remembered parking expertly that night. And that’s when the truth struck her like an unkind snowball to the face. Someone smashed into her truck and drove off.”

“I said, ‘Boy, I don’t remember parking that way. That looks a little funny,'” Miller recalled in a phone call to The Zebra. “The back end was close to the curb and the front end was poking out.

Miller called her friend Gayle Reuter, who said that she was going to call Jason Yates of Yates Automotive to help. Yates responded that his auto body shop would have the truck back in a week as good as new at no charge.

In other words, in cases of emergency, consider getting Gayle Reuter on your case.

The truck hadn’t yet been delivered to Yates Automotive when Jason Yates, Jr. spoke with The Zebra.

“We’re waiting to get the car now,” Yates said. “She’s done a lot for the community. We’ve got to give back.”

Miller said that the employees at the Chinese restaurant nearby Tsim Yung didn’t hear anything, and that police are checking to see if the incident was caught on camera.

“I think what happened, someone did a u-turn, hit my truck and then just took off. It’s so unthoughtful to hit a car and then drive away without leaving a note,” she said. “I can’t thank him [Yates] enough. It’s amazing.”

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