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30 Years Later: March 22 Proclaimed Charlie Hill Day in Alexandria

"I really want to thank everybody, especially the guys that were there with Charlie," said his wife Ginny Obranovich.

The family of Alexandria Police Officer Charles Hill at City Hall at the official proclamation of March 22 as Charlie Hill Day. (Photo by James Cullum)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The family of Alexandria Police Department Officer Charles W. Hill gathered at City Hall on Tuesday night to mark the official proclamation of March 22 as “Charlie Hill Day.” The 40-year-old Hill was killed in the line of duty on March 22, 1989, and the upcoming date is the 30th anniversary of his death.

“We owe a very special gratitude for city employees who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our community,” Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson said. “When we ask so much of a family it is all the more amazing to see, in this case, a family that has continued to give back to our city.” 

Hill’s family attended the proclamation by the mayor at Tuesday night’s council meeting. In attendance were Hill’s wife, Virginia “Ginny” Obranovich; their son Charles, his wife Michelle and three children and their son Robert Hill and his fiancé Jessica. Robert Hill is currently an officer with the Alexandria Police Department.


Hill, a native of Long Island, was a New York City Police officer and joined the ACPD in 1976. His duties over the next 13 years included being a patrol officer, a field training officer, a member of the Special Operations unit, an identification technician and police range firearms instructor.

On the afternoon of March 22, 1989, he and his partner Officer Andrew M. Chelchowski responded to a hostage situation at 316 Hopkins Court. The suspect was wounded by a sniper, but Hill was shot and killed. Chelchowski, who was shot in the legs, passed away in 1993.

“I really want to thank everybody, especially the guys that were there with Charlie,” said Ginny Obranovich, who was flanked by APD officers. You guys mean so much to me. Anything I can ever do for you. Thank you. We truly appreciate it.” 

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The anniversary is also remembered every year by friends and former colleagues at Charles W. Hill Park in Del Ray. Eighteen Alexandria Police Officers have lost their lives in the line of duty.

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