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Spring2ACTion is the Biggest Annual Fundraiser in Alexandria

Mark your calendar for April 10

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The spring always brings new life, and all day on April 10, you can  participate in the largest annual online fundraiser in Alexandria. Spring2ACTion, which has raised more than $8 million for 160 local nonprofits, will be in effect all day.

“This year’s goal is $2 million. Last year we had 156 nonprofits participate, and there were 9,400 donors who raised more than $1.8 million,” Brandi Yee, Spring2ACTion’s chief program officer, told The Zebra. “We are also open to early giving from March 27 to April 9. You can give early and you can give often.”


Yee said an award ceremony will be held for the nonprofits who receive the most donations, with prizes of up to $5,000 going to the nonprofit that raises the most funds. Running Brooke, a nonprofit dedicated to the health of Alexandria’s children, won the top prize last year for dollars raised, followed by the Alexandria Soccer Association, which had the most donors.

Participating nonprofits include the Center for Alexandria’s Children, Tenants and Workers United, Carpenter’s Shelter, Agenda: Alexandria, the Alexandria Police Foundation and the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Spring2ACTion, which is hosted by the foundation ACT for Alexandria, was founded in 2004 and has raised more than $8 million for more than 160 nonprofits. All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable.

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