Alexandria Sheriff’s Office Welcomes Eight New Deputies

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne (l) and John Blair of the Sons of the American Revolution (r) congratulate Deputy Myrna Juarez (c).
(Photo: Alexandria Sheriff’s Office.)

Eight Recruits Join Sheriff’s Office

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office recently welcomed eight new deputies to its ranks. On Friday, March 8, Clerk of the Circuit Court Edward Semonian administered the oath of office to (l-r) Deputy DeVon Carney, Deputy Josselin Celis, Deputy Mary Jo Cummings, Deputy Ricky Gonzalez, Deputy Jonnetta Haines, Deputy Shawn Harden, Deputy David Scott and Deputy Djibril Sorgho during a ceremony at the Alexandria Courthouse. Sheriff Dana Lawhorne congratulated the recruits and then asked their family members and friends to join him in presenting their badges. The deputies have completed initial training including Sheriff’s Office policies, CPR and first aid, and control and defensive tactics, and are now in field training.