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Alexandria Walmart on Richmond Highway Getting Major Upgrades

Grocery pickup, grocery delivery, pickup towers,  FAST unloaders, and autonomous floor scrubbers on the way.

(Photo: Michael Lee Pope)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – On Wednesday, April 11, Walmart announced plans to spend an estimated $103 million to improve stores in Virginia with new technology and upgrades.

On the list is the Walmart at 7910 Richmond Highway, Alexandria.  Innovations will include grocery pickup, grocery delivery, pickup towers,  FAST unloaders, and autonomous floor scrubbers.

The pickup towers are described as “16-feet tall, high-tech vending machines” that can make it easy for online shoppers to pick up their products at the store. Customers can walk into the store, step up to a pickup tower and scan the barcode to get the item less than a minute once they arrive at the store.

Walmart hopes to add 18 pickup towers to Virginia stores.

A FAST unloader allows store employees to work more efficiently, making unloading in the backroom quicker so they can work on the sales floor with shoppers. Walmart hopes to have this technology in 33 stores across the Commonwealth.

Walmart also plans to have autonomous floor scrubbers at 41 stores in Virginia that will clean and scrub the concrete floors of the store.

“2019 is off to great start and is going to be an exciting year for Walmart,” said Brent Rains, Walmart Regional General Manager. “We have been busy remodeling stores, adding new technologies and expanding services that our customers love like Grocery Pickup. Our focus continues to be on improving the customer experience and providing them with more ways to shop how and when they want.”

Mary Wadland

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