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Around the World with Zebra – June 2019


Kasuli, India

Karn Lake in Haryana

Delhi, India

Zebra made it to the other side of the world despite the political mess in that region. Its first stop was at the mountain range in Kasuli, Himachal Pradesh where it enjoyed the beautiful sunrise with family. Then it traveled to Karn Lake in Haryana, and finally made it to Delhi where it had a privilege to be spotted with Father of Nation and countries largest village industry.” – Aperna and Abe Borum

Inflatable Island, Philippines

“Zebra made it to Inflatable Island in The Philippines!” — Venise Lewis

Cancun, Mexico

“This is Jo Allen reading Zebra in Cancun. Hope you use this picture and I get a $25.00 gift card.”–Jo Allen

New Orleans, Louisiana 

“Fooling around in New Orleans!” –Ellen Epstein

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